At Premier Irish Homes we believe that a cosy home is essential to family life. Research has shown that a warmer home benefits overall health and wellbeing.

Sometimes though, keeping your home warm during Irish winter nights can lead you to paying a premium on your home heating.

It’s no secret that the older the heating system, the more energy it will consume. This in turn has a direct effect on how much you pay for energy.

A new energy efficient heating system, when installed correctly, consumes less energy. This means that the operating costs are significantly lower as a result.

If you choose Premier Irish Homes to complete your home heating upgrade, we’ll ensure that you won’t be disappointed. We are fully registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and can carry out any job, no matter how big or small, to ensure that you save energy, and most importantly, money.

As well as reducing costs, other benefits of upgrading your old heating system include:

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
New home heating systems are better for the environment as they consume less oil and gas. Some systems can even run on renewable energy.

You Can Setup ‘Multi-Zone’ Heating
With some new heating systems you can control which parts of your home to keep warm. Living areas can be separated from bedroom areas further reducing costs.

Less Maintenance
With a newer system, there are obviously less costs associated with servicing and repairs.

It Can Increase the Value of Your Home

New energy efficient systems are more appealing to home buyers, and can in turn, increase the value of your property significantly.

Irish Government Grants

When thinking about changing an old boiler or heating system, many people can tend focus on the initial cost. What many don’t realise however is that new energy-efficient heating systems can lead to huge savings on monthly energy bills which actually outweigh the initial investment.

This coupled with the fact that the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) can provide a government heating upgrade grant to pay a percentage of the installation, mean that replacing your out-dated boiler or heating system has never made more sense.

On one of our most recent jobs, we were able to make sure that our client could avail of a €750 SEAI grant toward his home heating upgrade.

Our Project

As fully registered contractors, as well as being SEAI & RGI registered, we were able to fully replace the client’s out-dated heating system with a new energy efficient system.

The upgrade included the installation of a Grant Boiler House high-efficiency boiler – rated at 95% efficiency – replacing the old 70% efficient oil cooker and back boiler fire.

We also installed a new insulated hot water cylinder, a pressurised the heating system for better performance and a new digital programmer with zone valves for heating, and hot water controlled by stats.

This upgrade resulted in less oil usage, a better performance boiler, and better monthly savings for the client.

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