At Premier Irish Homes we provide one of the best professional services on the island of Ireland. With 38 vans on the road, our staff are ready to provide you with a range of services – no job is too big, or too small.

Fully registered and certified, we can tackle any number of jobs around your home or business premises. These jobs can include, but are not limited to, service and repairs of gas boilers, plumbing works, electrical work, gardening and garden maintenance, appliance repairs, plaster work and insulation, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, tiling, flooring, glass repairs and glazing, locksmith services, pest control, and contract cleaning and waste removal.

In addition to this already comprehensive list of services, we also take care of general maintenance around your home, as well as any type of building works you may need.

At Premier Irish Homes we have 11 years of experience working with agents, landlords, home owners and asset managers on a variety of different projects.

On one of our most recent projects, we worked closely with Irish Homes and Cork City Council to plan, arrange, and provide all of the construction and fit-out for social housing in Cork City.

Given our vast experience and talented workforce, we were able to complete the project from start to finish to the highest specifications possible.

We helped to make the plans a reality by ensuring processes ran efficiently, the construction sites were safe, and that only reliable materials were used.

Why not check out Irish Homes’ 3D walkthrough of one of our finished houses by clicking here.

Irish Homes, a close partner throughout the project, was established to address the serious shortfall in the supply of social housing properties in Ireland, in conjunction with the Irish Government’s ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ initiative.

The organisation is comprised of a like-minded team of professionals and partners who share a common set of goals, and we are thrilled to be a part of the social housing initiative with them and Cork City Council.

We’ve come a long way from humble beginnings when we started our company in 2009, when we decided to provide a full and comprehensive service in the property maintenance sector at very competitive prices.

We still adhere to this goal today, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure a consistent, smooth approach to any job you require.

Thanks to our comprehensive range of services, we can provide complete solutions to your needs on time and on budget. With our staff also fully trained in Covid-19 procedures, we can provide our services safely and professionally to meet your requirements.