At Premier Irish Homes we’re constantly trying to do our part to help make a difference to Irish society.

That’s why we’re proud to continue working in conjunction with Irish Homes in order to complete fit outs for social housing.

For those not already aware, per their website, Irish Homes is a national organisation comprised of “a like-minded team of professionals and partners who share a common set of goals and values.”

The company was established to address the serious shortfall in the supply of social housing properties in Ireland, in conjunction with the Irish Government’s ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ initiative – an initiative consisting of €5.85 billion in funds to support the delivery of 50,000 social houses nationwide by the end of 2021.

In partnership with Local Authorities, Irish Homes continue to source and purchase houses and apartments across the country. At Premier Irish Homes, we are then contracted to completely refurbish these properties in order to meet the government’s strict rental standards. The main aim of this is to provide quality homes for 250 families on the social housing list annually.

Premier Irish Homes, as a one-stop-shop organisation for anything related to building works and maintenance, have already completed numerous refurbishments and fit outs for this cause.

Over a range of these projects, we have been tasked with, among other things, the service and repair of gas boilers, the overhaul and installation of new energy efficient plumbing works and electrical systems, gardening and garden maintenance, appliance repairs, plaster work and insulation, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, tiling, flooring, glass repairs and glazing, locksmith services, pest control, and contract cleaning and waste removal.

Given our vast experience and talented workforce, we were able to complete each and every project from start to finish to the highest specifications possible.

Why take our word for it though? After all, pictures paint a thousand words…

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